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About Diabetes Feel Goods

Making diabetes a little more beautiful, that is our mission. We, Lieke and Nienke, know both too well that diabetes is not fun. We try to make it a bit more fun with nice accessories and cheerful products. With our products and online community we want to give you a positive experience for or through your diabetes; diabetes feel goods. Everything to make it a bit more fun, because ...

...Diabetes isn't fun but we can have some fun with it!


In 2014 I started with Diabetes Feel Goods. As an (industrial) designer with diabetes, I missed beautiful products for people with diabetes. Every day I use with fantastic medical devices. In terms of functionality, they are amazing medical highlights, only: they look so ugly! Almost all of them are so boring and purely functional, but why aren't they just beautiful?

As a designer I thought: "something needs to be done about this!" We will offer beautiful and fun products for people with diabetes. Products that you can be proud of and that increase your self-esteem!

We design and produce some of the products ourselves and purchase another part from specially selected suppliers who, just like us, deliver high-quality and beautiful products for everyone with diabetes.


A few years ago I was looking for work where I could use the longest work experience on my CV: type 1 diabetes! I have had this diagnosis since I was 11, in 1997. We are now quite a few years further and I think I should call myself a veteran. I have always found it very difficult to manage my diabetes properly, and everything that I have to change about myself (testing, needles, my equipment) to do that responsibly. At Diabetes Feel Goods I saw exactly the way to make my diabetes fit me better! A short e-mail exchange and a nice cup of coffee later I was allowed to help Nienke.

I am always working on new developments in the field of type 1 and I like to try out new products myself! I have since started working with the #wearenotwaiting community and now I use the FreeStyle Libre with MiaoMiao, and OmniPod with Loop to automate my insulin delivery.

Cookies are not always good for your blood glucose, but they are useful for the operation of the webshop. Good to know: we do not store personal data.

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